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What You Can Expect From Me

June 12, 2015, is the day that I figured out that I am highly sensitive and different than most people..but not broken or damaged.  That day changed the course of my life.


For the past three years, I have been studying and incorporating all of the tools and technologies to transform HSPs to live healthier and more fulfilling lives.


I understand that our sensitivity can be both a burden, and at the same time, a life-saver; even a tremendous gift.  For Heck's sake, we sense trouble before anyone else does.  I think that carries A LOT of value!  That being said, it is a double-edged sword until you understand all of the dynamics around having the trait.  Once you have a handle on it, the world becomes a much more beautiful and meaningful place to live. 


Three years ago I was at an all-time low point and my self-esteem was in the "crapper."  I was so grateful to learn about Highly Sensitive People and now I wish to help others.


We are all meant to have healthy connections and loving, supportive relationships.  I love what David Hawkins says, "Cling to Principles and Not People." That statement really resonated with me and helped me start forming the right relationships.  He says a lot of really incredible stuff and I plan to share these "pearls.."


I truly believe that we are here to serve humanity with our special gifts.  We can help raise consciousness, and spread empathy and compassion on this planet. 


Call it corny, if you will, but we are here to be "light-workers" and I am not the first person to say this.  I just happen to agree with the statement!

I am in better relationships, doing what I love, living a life of passion, purpose and even thriving financially.  Let me help you arrive there, too.